2018 Governor’s Race: Sue Bell Cobb

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Sue Bell Cobb outside WBHM in Birmingham

Dan Carsen, WBHM

Sue Bell Cobb outside WBHM in Birmingham

Sue Bell Cobb was the first woman to be elected chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Now the Evergreen native has her sights set on the governor’s office. Cobb is running in the June 5 Democratic primary. She spoke with WBHM’s Dan Carsen as part of our series of interviews with gubernatorial candidates. The conversation starts with a horrific event from Cobb’s days as a county judge when back in 1989, a man who’d appeared in her court firebombed her house.


Additional web exclusives:


“You don’t see dumps put in rich folks’ communities.” Sue Bell Cobb on clean water, lead, environmental justice, and the “evisceration” of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management:


Sue Bell Cobb on the controversy over her former campaign worker, Paul Littlejohn III, who was convicted of sex crimes and robbery in the 1980s. This interview was recorded roughly two hours before Littlejohn turned himself in and was arrested:


Sue Bell Cobb on UAB hospital and health care in Alabama:


Sue Bell Cobb on horses and donkeys:


Hear the full interview:

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