Bell, Woods, and Woodfin Top Poll and Fundraising in Birmingham Mayor’s Race

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Left to right; William Bell, Chris Woods, and Randall Woodfin.
Left to right; William Bell, Chris Woods, and Randall Woodfin.

Sherrel Stewart,WBHM

A WBRC Fox 6 News poll in the Birmingham mayor’s race shows incumbent William Bell, building contractor Chris Woods, and Birmingham school board member Randall Woodfin leading the race as the Aug. 22 election approaches. Those same three candidates are leading in fundraising as well, according to a WBHM analysis.

Bell started the year with $291,877 in reserves and has raised $202,900. A large part of his campaign war chest comes from political action committees and Birmingham business leaders.

Woodfin started raising money as soon as he announced plans to run last August. He has raised $257,958. His fundraising has been bolstered by campaign events in places such as Houston and Washington, D.C. He’s received donations from as far away as Boston, Mass.

Most of Woodfin’s contributions are $100 or less. He received some larger donations from area lawyers and a few political action committees.

Woods has raised $38,198, and he has personally loaned his campaign $140,163.

Only four other candidates have reported raising money for their campaigns.

Community activist Frank James Matthews III reported raising $3,150, Brother Fernandez Sims reported $2,046, Lanny Jackson reported $1,159 and Randy Davis reported $1,050.

The WBRC Fox 6 poll was conducted by political scientist Natalie Davis. It sampled 214 registered voters in the city and has a margin of error of 5-7%.

The financial data is based on reports filed with the Jefferson County Probate Court made public as of Monday.

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