John Archibald on Cooper Green Mercy Hospital

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John Archibald on Cooper Green Mercy Hospital

The Jefferson County Commission votes to discontinue in-patient care at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital. John Archibald offers his thoughts that situation as well as the latest from the Birmingham Board of Education, and Artur Davis’ political switch.

John Archibald

Alabama is full of big news stories. From the removal of the Confederate battle flag, to gay marriage, to Birmingham's increase in the minimum wage. It's a lot for journalists to keep up with and a lot of great materials for columnists like and The Birmingham News' John Archibald. He discusses the city, county and state politics in forums large and small.

“I Want My South Back”

“I want my South back.” That’s the rallying cry from Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald. In a recent column he lays out a Southern identity that he admits may be a fictional memory, but one he’d like see more of. He also reflects on the fifth anniversary of the April 27, 2011, tornado outbreak that killed more than 250 people in Alabama.

Lawsuit Could Reveal Details Around Bentley Scandal

The scandal around Governor Robert Bentley took a new legal turn this week. Former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Director Spencer Collier, who accused the governor of an affair with a top advisor, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Bentley. The governor says he fired Collier for cause and that he’ll aggressively defend the lawsuit. We talk about that and other developments around this scandal with Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald.

South Alabama Lawmaker’s Job Raises Ethics Questions

Alabama has a part-time legislature meaning lawmakers have jobs and careers outside of their time in Montgomery. That means conflicts of interest can arise depending on how state laws are written or public money spent. One case involving a Baldwin County Republican, Representative Randy Davis, has caught Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald’s attention. He talks about the situation and the Birmingham City Council’s failure to resend a pay increase.

Impeachment Effort Makes a Lame Duck Governor Weaker

The scandal around Governor Robert Bentley grew this week as fellow Republican Representative Ed Henry filed articles of impeachment against the governor. It’s the latest fallout after the governor admitted to making inappropriate comments to a top advisor, although he denies a physical relationship with her. Bentley says there are no grounds for impeachment and he’ll fight this political attack. We talk about the situation with Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald, who says impeachment is premature, but weakens an already weak governor.

Pressure Mounting on Bentley to Resign

Governor Robert Bentley’s senior advisor, Rebekah Mason, has resigned. This comes one week after the governor faced accusations from the former head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency of having an affair with her. Both Mason and Bentley denied the affair but Bentley says he did make inappropriate comments to her. Meanwhile calls persist for Bentley to resign. We talk about the situation with Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald.

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