Governor Cancels Tampa Trip for Tropical Storm

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Governor Warns of Tropical Storm Isaac

Governor Robert Bentley today urged Alabamians to keep watch on changing weather conditions as Tropical Storm Isaac continues to move toward the northwest. The Governor also announced he is canceling his plans to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

“I will not be leaving the state while there is a danger of a hurricane approaching our coast,” Governor Bentley said. “I am going to stay in Alabama and will continue to make sure preparations and resources are in place. We will see our state through this storm until the danger has passed.”

Isaac could bring damaging winds and heavy rains to Alabama, and people need to use this time ahead of the storm to prepare. The Ready Alabama website includes helpful suggestions on preparing for natural disasters. Ready Alabama information is also available on Twitter by following @readyalabama. The Alabama Emergency Management Agency also has information online at and on Twitter by following @AlabamaEMA.