The Story of Sloss Quarters

A part of Birmingham’s past is coming alive again. From the 1880’s to the mid 1900’s, Sloss Furnaces was an economic driver for the Magic City. It put Birmingham on the map as the place in the south for iron production.

But those furnaces and boilers left over today don’t tell the stories of the people who worked and lived there. That’s about to change.

Kyle Whitmire: Determining Lawmaker’s Salaries in 2015

State officials are working with a Birmingham law firm to try and determine the median household income in Alabama. The number could control the salaries of state lawmakers in the coming year because of a constitutional amendment approved by state voters in 2012.

John Archibald: Salary Disparities Between Teachers and Superintendents

It’s good to be king, but as John Archibald says, it’s super to be superintendent. The salaries earned by superintendent vs. teachers in Alabama is significant to say the least. We take a look at those numbers and what it means for Alabama educators. Plus, is it fair to compare present day Ferguson, Missouri to Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960’s?

Ahmad Ward: Birmingham’s Reaction to Violence in Ferguson

US Attorney General Eric Holder went to Ferguson, Missouri this week. He’s there to meet with law enforcement officials to discuss the protests and unrest following the death of Michael Brown. He’s the unarmed black man who was killed by a white police officer on August 9th. The racial tensions and violence in Ferguson are bringing back memories of the 1960’s here in Birmingham.

Ahmad Ward, is the head educator at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. He sees some parallels between the chaos in Ferguson today and Birmingham in the 1960’s and shares his thoughts with WBHM.

Kyle Whitire: At What Cost Will Birmingham Host The DNC?

Birmingham City officials had a closed door meetings this week regarding the Democratic National Convention and the possibility of the Magic City playing host. Will Birmingham host the DNC and at what cost? Kyle Whitmire from and the Birmingham News joins us to discuss.

Kyle Whitmire: Reaction To Representative Mo Brooks’s Remarks

This week Republican Representative Mo Brooks of Huntsville found himself in hot water after he made some controversial remarks about the Democratic Party. Brooks claimed that the Democratic Party is “wagging a war on whites” and politicians from both parties are taking issue with his comments.

Kyle Whitmire: Uber Stalls In Birmingham

This week the Birmingham City Council voted unanimously to modify the city’s transportation code. The modifications would have a direct impact on taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber. While the changes would allow Uber to operate in city limits, Uber reps tell that Birmingham’s rules still make it impractical for them do business in the city.

Becky Anthony: Life With An Incarcerated Son

When a loved one is incarcerated, it can have a profound impact on their family members on the outside.
These families are lifelines to the inmate. From sending money to traveling long distances to visit the inmates, it’s work to provide that kind of financial and emotional care.
We explore those challenges as part of WBHM’s continued coverage of Alabama’s prison system. WBHM’s Sarah Delia has the story of one mother who has made countless sacrifices to keep her family afloat in order to support her incarcerated son.

Kyle Whitmire: Will Birmingham Host The Next DNC?

This week the Democratic National Committee visited Birmingham to see how the Magic City would perform if selected to host the 2016 national convention. We take a look at how the visit went and what the city’s chances are of hosting the convention.

Kyle Whitmire: Alabama Runoff Elections

Alabamians voted in state legislative, congressional, and local primary runoffs Tuesday. We take a look at voter turnout rate, issues at the polls, and the winners and losers with Kyle Whitmire, political commentator for and the Birmingham News.