Coverage of Alabama’s Immigration Law HB56

Alabama’s immigration law is grabbing headlines again following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on a similar law in Arizona. For more than a year, Alabama has been the center of change concerning immigrants living in the state. Alabama House Bill 56 (HB 56) was signed into law in June 2011. Based on bills passed in Arizona and Georgia, this anti-illegal immigration bill came into effect in late September 2011. Here is WBHM’s coverage of the events surrounding the law.

Birmingham-Southern’s Basketball Team Still on Top

March madness is right around the corner, which means college basketball players are gearing up to make their mark on the postseason hardwood. It’s a particularly exciting time for the Birmingham-Southern College men’s basketball team. They’re poised for a strong tournament run. But as WBHM intern Kenan Le Parc reports, the team’s success comes in spite of several big challenges.

Icelanders in the Magic City

A new report shows more than 700,000 foreign students are studying at American universities this year. About 6,300 are in Birmingham. Some students may be fleeing political oppression. Others are simply looking for better opportunities. But for one group of Icelandic students in Birmingham, their attraction to Magic City is soccer – as WBHM intern Kenan Le Parc reports.

Fantasy Football: International Edition

It’s football season. College football. NFL football. And Fantasy football. And now, an international Fantasy football league based here in Birmingham (Alabama, not England).