Why I Support WBHM: Jeanne Shanks

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Jean Shanks

Gigi Douban

Jean Shanks

My mother’s been a reader of The New York Times. That’s her source of information to the point where my father once said she had a medical degree from The New York Times. It must be genetic, but for me it’s NPR. That’s my source of all information. I think my daughter will follow in my footsteps. I have a son and daughter and both of them were those ones the ones that had to sit in the back seat and listen to NPR, but I think they’re converts now. It’s fun to hear those stories because it’s true. If they listen to it growing up, they end up listening as adults too. I am definitely smarter and more knowledgable on many different topics thanks to WBHM.





Why I Support WBHM: Ronald Williams

“I am Ronald Williams. I am an active supporter/listener of WBHM, and I have been for almost 40 years. What I appreciate the most about listening to WBHM is that the reporters and the people I hear on the radio seem to bring about an integrity that I can trust. It’s not what I would consider alternative facts.”

Why I Support WBHM: Jane Errett and her Goats

“If I’m down in the basement, or if I’m upstairs, I usually have WBHM on. And because I love to spend time out in the yard, I drag out this long extension cord and my boom-box and listen to WBHM as I work … The goats are right nearby, so I figure I have the […]

Why I Support WBHM: Tyler Richards

“My name is Tyler Richards. I live in Montevallo with my wife, and we’ve supported WBHM for about two years now. We love listening to Morning Edition and All Things Considered — it really drives our day.” “In the climate that we live in, I think it’s so important that we have access to good, […]

Why I Support WBHM: Stanley Robinson

“I’ve been a WBHM member since 2000. The sad thing about it is, I’ve been a huge fan since ’77. It took so long to become a member and that’s something I’m not proud of. I feel a little guilty, yes … taking advantage of this great programming, but I really had to step up […]

Why I Support WBHM: Stacey Lawler Taylor

“I’m a bit of a late bloomer to WBHM. Years ago, when my children were boys, their grandfather would always be a sustaining member. And every year he would make sure they listened as his donation money would be in their honor. Intermittently, I would listen WBHM and always wonder what the heck are these people staying in their garage and their driveways listening to. Well, the other day my husband called down going, “Get out of the car.” Unfortunately, I don’t remember what I was listening to, but I was captivated.”