New Alabama Attorney General Brings Renewed Attention to Bentley Investigation

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Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall

Alabama Attorney General's Office

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall

Investigations of possible wrongdoing by Gov. Robert Bentley are getting renewed attention now that the legislature is back in session and the state has a new attorney general. Steve Marshall was sworn in as attorney general Monday after being appointed by the governor. Marshall recused himself from any direct investigation of Bentley and appointed a former prosecutor to oversee the probe. In that process, Marshall did something his predecessor, Sen. Luther Strange, refused to do. Marshall confirmed that there is an investigation related to the governor. We talk about this, and efforts to impeach the governor, with Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald.

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Alabama is full of big news stories. From the removal of the Confederate battle flag, to gay marriage, to Birmingham's increase in the minimum wage. It's a lot for journalists to keep up with and a lot of great materials for columnists like and The Birmingham News' John Archibald. He discusses the city, county and state politics in forums large and small.

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