Bills on Prisons, the Budget, and Driver’s License Offices Move Ahead

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Lawmakers passed a General Fund budget in the House amid uncertainty as to how the American Health Care Act might affect Alabama.
Lawmakers passed a General Fund budget in the House amid uncertainty as to how the American Health Care Act might affect Alabama.

It was a busy week in Montgomery. The Senate passed a bill on driver’s license offices, and a prisons bill. The House debated church daycare licensing. And House representatives passed a general fund budget that level funded most agencies except one: Medicaid. It got a small increase, though there’s still concern among lawmakers, and some of it stems from the federal American Health Care Act.

In fact, the House plan sets aside $97 million to protect against uncertainty in Congress around the new federal health care bill. Medicaid would get $700 million, plus $105 million in BP oil settlement money.

Lawmakers also moved a very different prisons construction bill along, as well as a bill that would require driver’s license offices to open at least one day a week.

WBHM’s Gigi Douban spoke with Don Dailey, host of Alabama Public Television’s Capitol Journal. 

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Gigi Douban

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