John Archibald: A Solicitation Through the Water Works

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John Archibald: A Solicitation Through the Water Works

If you’re a customer of the Birmingham Water Works, you might have missed a insert in a recent bill. The flyer offers coverage if there’s a break in the water line between your house and the street. That’s because homeowners, not the water works, are responsible if there’s a problem there. As good an idea as that may sound, Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald says buyer beware.

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John Archibald

Alabama is full of big news stories. From the removal of the Confederate battle flag, to gay marriage, to Birmingham's increase in the minimum wage. It's a lot for journalists to keep up with and a lot of great materials for columnists like and The Birmingham News' John Archibald. He discusses the city, county and state politics in forums large and small.

Finding a Way to Talk About Racial Inequality in Alabama, U.S.

It’s time to speak of reparations. That’s the headline of the latest column by’s John Archibald. The piece comes following the turbulent and deadly events involving black men and law enforcement in Louisiana, Texas and Minnesota. A discussion about this controversial column.

AG Puts Foot Down on Alabama’s Open Carry Law

Attorney General Luther Strange orders removal of all “No Firearms Allowed” signs around Alabama.

Who is Worse? Democrats or Republicans?

When it comes to less than stellar behavior in Alabama politics, both sides bring plenty to the table. Democrats are the party of George Wallace and the two-year college scandal. Republicans have now seen their House Speaker Mike Hubbard removed from office on ethics convictions. Meanwhile Republican Chief Justice Roy Moore faces his own ethics charges and Governor Robert Bentley faces an impeachment effort. Which side is worse? Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald says it’s a trick question.

A Private Gym For Birmingham Airport Leader Raises Questions

High-profile positions often come with perks. But with public positions involving public money, perks can drift into illegal ethics violations. Those are the concerns around Birmingham’s airport authority CEO and what’s been called his private gym. We talk about the controversy with Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald. We also hear about the unanswered questions around the firing of a high-raking employee of the State Department of Finance.

The Post-Hubbard Landscape for Alabama Politics

A new political landscape is emerging in Alabama following last week’s conviction of now former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard. On Friday night, a jury in Lee County convicted Hubbard on 12 felony ethics charges. He could face up to 20 years in prison for each charge. Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald watched much of the testimony and was there as the verdict came down. He spoke with WBHM’s Andrew Yeager.