Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

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Cindy Crawford: Magic City Marketplace

Birmingham city leaders are in a battle with Nashville, Austin, Atlanta, and other cities over attracting young professionals. A revived downtown, food trucks, and breweries are considered a part of that. But the real key seems to be jobs. We talk about that in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

Magic City Marketplace

Birmingham is big business and small. But whatever the size of the operation, the marketplace is connected by people who have to grapple with numbers and projections and spin. We try and slice through the psychobabble that can be business news with a weekly discussion of who's up and who's down, why the market reacts a certain way or what a business closing or opening means to you.

Alabama Launchpad

Let’s say you have a great business idea. That’s a good start but it takes funding to get the idea off the ground. One of the ways Alabama entrepreneurs have been receiving funding for their ventures is the Alabama Launchpad competition. We talk about it in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

Trinity Medical Center Moving and Taking on a New Name

This weekend Trinity Medical Center will become Grandview Medical Center as it moves from Birmingham’s east side to the busy Highway 280 corridor. It’s a move that’s been more than 10 years in the making and one that developers expect to bear fruit beyond just a new hospital. We talk about it in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

The Future of U.S. Steel

What remains of Birmingham’s steel industry took a major hit this summer when U.S. Steel announced it would be idling its blast furnace in Fairfield. About 1,100 workers were laid off. Thousands of more workers have lost jobs there through the decades, but U.S. Steel is trying to stay ahead in a very competitive economy. That’s where we start this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

Daughters and the CEO

Women make up half the world, but men still dominate in the business world. That’s particularly true when it comes to executive positions. While women certainly have made progress, one factor in their efforts may be unexpected — the daughters of executives. We explain in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

A New Leader for the University of Alabama System

The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees is set to vote this month on a new leader for the three-campus system. Chancellor Robert Witt announced recently he’ll retire next August. He’s recommended current vice chancellor of finance and operations Ray Hayes for the job. We talk about what that next chancellor faces in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

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