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Magic City Marketplace

Alabama is considered one of the least competitive health insurance markets in the country. And while a number of provisions from the Affordable Care Act kick in next year, most observers don’t feel that’ll make much difference. We hear why in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

Magic City Marketplace

Birmingham is big business and small. But whatever the size of the operation, the marketplace is connected by people who have to grapple with numbers and projections and spin. We try and slice through the psychobabble that can be business news with a weekly discussion of who's up and who's down, why the market reacts a certain way or what a business closing or opening means to you.

Birmingham Housing Market Tilts to Sellers

The housing market is cyclical as are so many things in business. After a housing-led recession and recovery, the Birmingham housing market is becoming a sellers market with far more demand than homes to go around. But the adage “location, location, location” still applies. Birmingham Business Journal editor Ty West explains in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

Hospitals see Changes in Alabama’s Certificate of Need Process

If you don’t work in the healthcare industry, you might not be familiar with Alabama’s Certificate of Need process. It’s bureaucratic, often with mounds of paperwork and legal fees, but it determines what healthcare facilities get built in the state. And in some cases, which ones are blocked. We hear about the process and some changes in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

What the Bentley Scandal Means for Economic Development

The scandal surrounding Governor Robert Bentley’s alleged affair with a former top advisor has grabbed attention from CNN to the New York Times to the Washington Post. With that national media attention, some Bentley opponents in the legislature have suggested his troubles have hurt the state’s economic development efforts. We explore that in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

Outlook on Alabama’s Economy Splits from National Picture

The U.S economy has been growing for almost seven years and analysts are debating when it will inevitably return to recession. One report from the bank BBVA Compass says it probably won’t happen in 2016, but its prediction about Alabama’s economy is less upbeat. We explain in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

Fiber Internet Coming to Birmingham

For many workplaces having a fast Internet connection is critical. That’s why a recent announcement that fiber Internet would be coming to the Birmingham area has economic development leaders excited. We talk about it in this week’s Magic City Marketplace.

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