Don Dailey: Capitol Journal Update

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Don Dailey: Capitol Journal Update
Don Dailey

90.3 WBHM | Montgomery –The 2013 Alabama legislative session is underway. Legislators are tossing around many issues from gun violence and school security to Medicaid and budgets. Republicans are targeting President Obama’s policies while Democrats will try to get their voices heard as the minority party.

WBHM’s Andrew Yeager speaks with Don Dailey, host of Alabama Public Television’s Capitol Journal every Friday on Morning Edition and All Things Considered as we discuss the big legislative action of the week.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-05-21Click to listen about the final day of the legislative session, lawmakers say “no” to changing the Alabama Accountability Act, a workplace gun bill passes while many notable bills died.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-05-17Click to listen about what’s on the docket for the final day of the legislative session including revisions to the Alabama Accountability Act.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-05-10Click to listen about changes to the Alabama Accountability Act, the education budget receives final passage, changes to Alabama’s Medicaid system and a victory for homebrewers.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-05-03Click to listen about Democrats’ complaint of steamrolled again on the Alabama Accountability Act, and both the General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets must be passed as time slips away.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-04-12Click to listen about the education budget passing the house, a bill to curb welfare fraud and Governor Robert Bentley announces he’s running for reelection.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-04-05Click to listen about a contentious gun bill, final passage of abortion regulation legislation, the governor signs the “Airbus bill” and homebrewers celebrate an initial victory.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-03-29Click to listen for a mid-session review of what lawmakers have accomplished so far and what to expect in the second half.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-03-22Click to listen about the governor signing a pair of government consolidation bills, a roll call snafu in the Senate, a Ten Commandments display bill and the newest shot fired over the school tax credit law.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-03-15Click to listen about the governor signing a controversial school tax credit bill, a bill repealing Common Core standards dies and a law enforcement consolidation bill gains final passage.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-03-08Click to listen about the climate of the legislature after last week’s blow up over a school bill, the governor vetoes a school safety bill and the general fund budget passes out of committee.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-03-01Click to listen about last-minute, drastic changes to a school flexibility bill, a challenge to Common Core standards in Alabama and a bill to protect Airbus from lawsuits.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-02-22Click to listen about a bill placing more regulations on clinics that perform abortions, the first bill signed this session, a bill to arm some educators is put on hold and the prospects for legalizing homebrewing.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-02-15Click to listen about the House passing a school flexibility bill, proposals to consolidate state government and Senate Democrats’ agenda for the legislative session.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-02-08Click to listen about Governor Robert Bentley’s State of the State Address, his budget proposals, a school flexibility bill and the first bill to die in this year’s legislative session.

90.3 WBHM | 2013-02-01Click to listen to a preview of the 2013 Alabama legislative session.

Andrew Yeager

Announcer Producer

Capitol Journal

The 2016 Alabama legislative session is underway and lawmakers have a full agenda. WBHM's Rachel Osier Lindley speaks with Don Dailey, co-host of Alabama Public Television's Capitol Journal, every Friday on Morning Edition and All Things Considered as we discuss the big legislative action of the week.

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A special session of the Alabama Legislature begins today (Monday, August 15). Governor Bentley called the special session to solve financial problems which he says, have held the state back for decades.  Bentley is proposing a lottery which he says is expected to raise $225 million dollars. Don Daily is host of Capitol Journal on Alabama Public […]

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Alabama’s 2016 Legislative Session is one for the books. Lawmakers wrapped up at midnight on Wednesday. Don Dailey, host of Capitol Journal on Alabama Public Television, join’s WBHM’s Rachel Lindley to recap what bills passed, and what bills fell short, ike a hike in the gas tax and an agreement about what to do with BP oil spill settlement money. Perhaps the largest upset was the death of Governor Bentley’s prison bill in the session’s la

This Week in the Legislature: Prisons, BP Oil Funds and Lane Cake

The sun is setting on Alabama’s 2016 Legislative session. With only two more meetings left this year, the Alabama Senate and House discussed and passed a flurry of bills this week on everything from approving Governor Robert Bentley’s $800 million prison construction bond proposal to how to spend BP oil settlement funds to naming the lane cake Alabama’s official dessert.

Key Issues Linger as 2016 Legislative Session Winds Down

Only five days remain in Alabama’s 2016 legislative session, and big issues are still on the table, from a lottery bill to a possible $800 million dollar bond for building new prisons. However, in recent weeks, these important issues have been overshadowed by scandal in the wake of accusations Governor Robert Bentley had an affair with a former top advisor. This week, a lawmaker introduced a resolution that could impeachment proceedings against Bentley forward. For more on this, we talk with Don Dailey, host of Capitol Journal on Alabama public television. To start, Dailey tells WBHM’s Rachel Osier Lindley about Bentley’s recent comments to the media.

This Week in the Legislature: Cannabidiol Oil, Teacher Pay Raises and Bentley Impeachment

There are only eight more meeting days left in Alabama’s 2016 Legislative Session, and the Alabama State House saw a burst of activity this week. For an update from Montgomery, we talk with Don Dailey, host of Capitol Journal on Alabama Public Television. To start, Dailey tells WBHM’s Rachel Osier Lindley about Leni’s Law, a bill the house passed Wednesday that would criminalize a specific marijuana oil in a bid to help people coping with debilitating seizures. It’s named for Leni Young, a girl and former Alabama resident who suffers from a seizure disorder.