Turnaround Schools: Georgia

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What Helps Some Failing Schools Recover?

This week, our Southern Education Desk is taking a focused look at “turnaround schools” — failing schools that have managed to turn things around. We wanted to find out what goes into successfully turning around failing schools. Why do some schools make it and others don’t?

The first report in our series comes from Georgia. Three years ago, a group of the lowest-performing schools in the state began receiving millions of dollars in federal money to fund an ambitious attempt to improve dramatically. As those schools enter their final school year receiving that money, reporter Maura Walz has a progress report from one school.

The Southern Education Desk is looking for more Turnaround Schools. Have you or anyone you know been a part of turning a school around? We’d love to hear from you.

~ Maura Walz, November 26, 2012