Alabama 2012 Election Results

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League of Women Voters of California via Flickr

UPDATE (11:55) The Associated Press declares Roy Moore the winner of the Supreme Court Chief Justice race with 52% of the vote.

The Associated Press has declared Twinkle Cavanaugh the winner of the Alabama Public Service Commission presidency.

NPR declares Barack Obama winner of presidential race (Mitt Romney won Alabama.)

The Associated Press has declared the following Constitutional Amendment issues:

  • Amendment 1 (Forever Wild) — yes
  • Amendment 2 (Bond Refinance) — yes
  • Amendment 3 (Define Stockton Land District) — yes
  • Amendment 4 (Repeal Poll Tax and Segregate School Language) — no
  • Amendment 5 (Transfer Pritchard Water) — yes
  • Amendment 6 (No Mandatory Health Care) — yes
  • Amendment 7 (Secret Ballot) — yes
  • Amendment 8 (Repeal Legislative Pay) — yes
  • Amendment 9 (For Corporation Authority) — yes
  • Amendment 10 (Repeal Bank Authority) — yes
  • Amendment 11 (Lawrence Municipal Regulation) — yes

For’s coverage of Jefferson County races click here . As for 11 p.m. all of the incumbents (judges, etc) were losing.

Alabama statewide and federal election results. Numbers provided by the Associated Press.

Statewide Races

Supreme Court Chief Justice

95 percent precincts reporting

Bob Vance, (Dem) – 48 percent

Roy Moore, (GOP) – 52 percent

Congressional Races: The Associated Press is calling all of these races for the incumbents. We’ll update with final vote totals when they’re available.

District 2

Therese Ford, (Dem)

Martha Roby, (GOP) – incumbent

District 3

John Harris, (Dem)

Mike Rogers, (GOP) – incumbent

District 4

Daniel Boman, (Dem)

Robert Aderholt, (GOP) – incumbent

District 5

Charlie Holley, (Dem)

Mo Brooks, (GOP) – incumbent

District 6

Penny Bailey, (Dem)

Spencer Bachus, (GOP) – incumbent

District 7

Terri Sewell, (Dem) – incumbent

Don Chamberlain, (GOP)

The economy is the top issue motivating Alabamians to vote Tuesday, according to preliminary exit polling conducted for The Associated Press.

Among the findings:


More than 6 of 10 voters identified the economy as the top issue. The federal budget deficit and health care were about tied for a distant second. About 7 out of 10 voters said their family’s situation is about the same or worse than it was four years ago. About 3 out of 10 said it is better.


About half of the voters identified themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians and more than half said they attend religious services at least once a week. About 1 of 10 said they never attend religious services.


Alabama voters indicated they had made up their minds long before the candidates bombarded them with TV ads. About 8 of 10 said they did so before September.


About 6 of 10 voters said government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals, while about 4 of 10 said government should do more to solve problems.

Andrew Yeager

Andrew Yeager