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The price of oil topped $121 a barrel, suggesting the price we pay at the pump will continue to climb as well. That’s part of the reason behind Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford’s proposal to eliminate fares on city buses this summer. So with gasoline prices on the rise, would free buses make a difference?

However, this plan to eliminate fares on Birmingham’s buses may not happen. Several days after approving the plan, a majority of City Council members say they no longer support four months of free bus rides at city expense. WBHM’s Andrew Yeager spoke with Birmingham City Councilwoman Carol Duncan and asked what prompted the reconsideration.

Listen to the Duncan interview

WBHM’s Steve Chiotakis talked with Marva Douglas, a bus rider who helped organize the now-defunct Citizen United for Regional Transit, or CURT. She says no matter the fare — free, or even a dollar — she uses the system as much as it allows her to.

Listen to the Douglas interview

The Council is expected take up the issue this morning (Tuesday, May 6).

Listen in real time to the Birmingham City Council meeting (starting at 9:15)

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Andrew Yeager

Andrew Yeager