Alabama Tornado

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The clean-up in the Aldridge Grove and Moulton communities of north Alabama continues as authorities say the death toll in Alabama now stands at five from tornadoes that ripped through the area. Four of those deaths were in Lawrence county and another one in Pisgah in Jackson county, two areas particularly hard hit Wednesday morning.

In Aldridge Grove, along County Road 183, Bobby and Deborah Montgomery’s trailer was spared for the most part. Their roof was mangled a bit and a workshop/garage was pulverized out back. Across the street — just yards away — a family of three was killed when their home was completely wiped out. The only thing that remained intact was the crawl space cinder blocks and front porch. Eerily, only bushes surrounded the place where the home once stood. The debris of the home was scattered all over the front yard and road.

Another victim nearby died in a hospital a day later.

Governor Riley toured the areas, saying he would ask for a federal disaster declaration. It could take weeks for federal assistance to get underway, but the governor underscored the state’s commitment to cleaning up and helping the rebuilding effort.

At least 56 people died in the nation’s midsection and south where tornadoes devastated homes and businesses. Tennessee was hardest hit with more than half of the deaths.