The New, New Normal

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The British government announced that authorities have foiled a terror plot to blow up aircraft — at least 10 planes — that were scheduled to leave the UK en route to the United States. Scotland Yard says twenty-four suspects are in custody and more are being sought. The men were allegedly planning to use liquid explosives on board the planes to bring them down over the Atlantic. Meanwhile, security measures in Britain and the US — already tightened after the September 11 terrorist attacks — were made even more stringent.British airport security banned all carry-on luggage from flights and in the US, where Department of Homeland Security officials placed the air transportation system to code orange (high alert), travelers were allowed to carry-on bags as usual, but were being told to either check or throw out liquid items. WBHM’s Steve Chiotakis spoke with some travelers at Birmingham International Airport about what kind of delays they’ve had to endure and the need for — or complaints about — all the added security measures.