Race for Alabama Governor

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In the last few weeks leading up to Election Day the campaign rhetoric ratcheted up. Mixed in amongst the issue ads and those painting Candidate A as a good, genuine person were the requisite attack ads. The race for Alabama Chief Justice seemed to spawn the nastiest ads, but the governor’s race was far from immune.

Over the last few weeks more ads have been airing labeling incumbent Republican Governor Bob Riley “Billion Dollar Bob” as well as questioning his integrity. On the other side of things, Democratic challenger (and current lieutenant governor) Lucy Baxley has been featured in ads calling into question her character because of connections to former Governor Don Siegleman.

Back in April, before the primaries set the Riley-Baxley showdown into place, polls projected Baxley running a close race in a head-to-head matchup with Riley. Since winning the Democratic nomination, however, her campaign has fallen farther and farther behind Riley’s. The latest polls show Riley holding a double-digit lead over Baxley.

Over the course of his campaign, Riley unveiled “Plan 2010″ laying out his agenda for the next four years should he win re-election. Among the things included in “Plan 2010″ are proposed term limits for state legislators, a middle class tax cut and a crack down on illegal immigration.

Perhaps the biggest issue for Baxley has been her Minimum Wage Initiative. She has said she’d like to hike the state’s minimum wage by at least a dollar if elected. Baxley has also said she’d support the creation of an independent inspector general and, like her opponent, Baxley says she’ll crack down on illegal immigration in Alabama.

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