Alabama Bluegrass

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The phonograph and radio brought bluegrass music out of the mountains and into homes across America. In the early 1920’s a duet team – the Monroe Brothers – popularized this music, which has its roots in folk music of the old world.Through the years bluegrass has gone in and out of style. There was a renaissance in the 1970s. It then went out of style in the ‘go go’ 80s and was finally revived in the late 90’s, thanks in part to the popularity of movies like “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?”

WBHM News Intern David Knight spoke recently with a man who’s been in the Alabama bluegrass scene for several decades. Steve Tourtellotte is president of the Alabama Bluegrass Music Association.

The ABMA is sponsoring the 6th Annual Showcase of Bands, Saturday, March 13, 2004, at the Bessemer Civic Center. Hear David’s studio interviews with Tourtellotte and one of the bands on the playbill — Stanley & Company.