Kyle Whitmire: The Pitfalls of Exiting Bankruptcy

There are still many hurdles Jefferson County must overcome before exiting bankruptcy. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News stops by to discuss worst case scenarios.

Birmingham Ghost Tours: Revealing the Unseen

Walk around downtown Birmingham and you see many old, vacant buildings. But Wolfgang Poe argues just because you can’t see someone in one of those old buildings doesn’t mean nobody’s there.

Kyle Whitmire: JeffCo Commission Meeting

On Thursday the Jefferson County Commission will be holding a meeting regarding the major sewer creditor groups and the county’s bankruptcy exit plans. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News joins us to discuss the possibilities of that meeting.

Kyle Whitmire: Audit Reveals Violations at Alabama State University

Birmingham orthopedic surgeon and former Alabama State University trustee Lawrence Lemak reportedly violated the university’s conflict of interest policy. A forensic audit released by Governor Bentley’s office says Lemak’s businesses or entities that employed his family members benefited from contracts with the school. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News has the details.

Kyle Whitmire: Bankruptcy Exit Plan

Kyle Whitmire with the Birmingham News and gives a detailed update on Jefferson County’s bankruptcy exit plan.

Kyle Whitmire: Birmingham’s New Budget

This week city officials finally approved a 2014 budget for Birmingham. Plus, Republican Representative Spencer Bachus announced he will not be seeking another term in Congress. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News joins us to discuss this week’s news in Alabama politics.

Kyle Whitmire: November Bankruptcy Court Hearing

A six-page letter from a California firm announcing a November bankruptcy court hearing has been mailed out to JeffCo sewer ratepayers. The letter has caused some concern and confusion. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News joins us to explain.

WBHM Looks Back On 1963

Throughout the past year WBHM has marked the key moments from the civil rights movement and explored the legacy of events of 1963. Today we take a look back on some of those stories and voices.

Kyle Whitmire: JeffCo’s 2014 Budget

On Tuesday Jefferson County commissioners approved a budget that’s more than $463 million. The budget includes more money to buy county equipment, a cost of living raise for county workers, and additional funds to reopen the JeffCo jail in Bessemer. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News joins us to explain the specifics of JeffCo’s budget.

A Sunday School Lesson From the 16th Street Baptist Church

Verses from a Sunday School lesson taught the day of the bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church will once again be shared with the church’s youth this Sunday. WBHM’s Sarah Delia visited the church to hear how those Bible verses resonate 50 years later.