Kyle Whitmire: Alabama’s Open Meetings Act

Governor Robert Bentley has introduced a bill that would make serial meetings among public officials illegal. Bentley also wants to close other various loopholes in Alabama’s Open Meetings Act. These changes would not only impact Alabama lawmakers at the statehouse but also Jefferson County Commissioners. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News joins us.

Kyle Whitmire: What Was Missing From The SOTS?

On Tuesday night, Governor Robert Bentley used his State of the State address to talk about jobs, Medicaid, and raises for state employees. But there were several issues the Governor didn’t mention at all.

Kyle Whitmire of and the Birmingham News discusses what was left out of the address.

Kyle Whitmire: Jefferson County Spending

Jefferson County spent millions of dollars in legal costs during Chapter 9 bankruptcy including more than $300,000 in fees for public relations. Some commissioners said they didn’t learn about the spending until this week. Plus, the future of Birmingham based law firm Haskell, Slaughter & Young remains uncertain. Kyle Whitmire from and the Birmingham News discusses these issues and more.

Kyle Whitmire: Jefferson County New Year’s Resolutions

If Jefferson County officials were to sit down and write three new year’s resolutions,what would they be? Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News joins us as we look at the county’s future in 2014.

John Archibald: A Look Back At 2013

There was no shortage of news in Birmingham and Jefferson County in 2013. We take a look back at some of this year’s notable stories with Alabama Media Group columnist John Archibald.

Leroy Stover: Birmingham’s First Black Police Officer

Leroy Stover joined the Birmingham Police Department in 1966 as the city’s first black police officer. He recounts his career, struggles, and triumphs with WBHM’s Sarah Delia.

Kyle Whitmire: Hoover School Bus Services Will Continue

On Monday members of the Hoover board of education agreed to overturn an earlier vote to stop offering bus services next school year. The vote came after months of complaints and protests by parents. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News discusses how this decision will impact students, families, and schools in the Hoover system.

Kyle Whitmire: The Reality of Exiting Bankruptcy

If things go according to plan, Jefferson County will exit municipal bankruptcy on December 3. However, many of its financial problems remain.
Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News joins us to discuss four things that will come out of exiting bankruptcy and four things that won’t change.

Restoring the Lyric

As officials work to restore the Lyric Theatre in downtown Birmingham, some obstacles could be expected — funding the project, removing lead paint and plumbing issues. But there are tougher, less obvious challenges too. When the Lyric opened in 1914, Birmingham was a city with lines of segregation and the theatre reflects that. So how do you faithfully restore a historic building still physically marked by the city’s racist past?

Kyle Whitmire: Maxine Parker’s Legacy

City Council President Maxine Parker died at the age of 69 on Tuesday. We’ll take a look at Parker’s legacy as well as what’s next for the council. Plus, JeffCo gets another bad review from a major rating agency regarding the county’s sewer debt. Kyle Whitmire from and the Birmingham News joins us to discuss.