Robert May: A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

On November 9, 1938, hundreds of Jewish synagogues, homes, and businesses were vandalized, ransacked or destroyed. Thousands of Jews were arrested, some even killed, by order of Adolf Hilter. Dr. Robert May of Birmingham was twelve years old and living in Frankfurt, Germany during the uprise of Hitler’s power, including the night of Kristallnacht. He shares his story with us.

Kyle Whitmire: Abortion Legislation Moves Forward

It got a little tense at the statehouse last night when the topic of abortion legislation was discussed. This week the Alabama House passed a bill to ban most abortions in the state and make legal abortions difficult if not impossible. One representative brought up the issue of race and how he thinks it plays a role in a woman’s choice to abort a pregnancy.

TEDxBirmingham: Rediscover the Magic of Birmingham

This past Saturday was TEDxBirmingham. The event featured 15 local speakers who came together with one goal: to help attendees “Rediscover the Magic” of Birmingham through new ideas. WBHM’s Program Director Michael Krall was in attendance. He spoke to WBHM’s Sarah Delia about his experience at TEDxBirmingham.

Robert Schindler: Bringing Delacroix To Birmingham

The Birmingham Museum of Art has hired a new curator for European Art, Robert Schindler. As he settles into his new role, his first task is to curate a collection of work by the French Romantic artist, Eugene Delacroix. WBHM’s Sarah Delia took a sneak peek behind the exhibition “Delacroix and the Matter of Finish.”

Kyle Whitmire: Bresette Family Lawsuit Update

Monumental Contracting, one of several contractors involved with a flight information display board that collapsed on 10 year old Luke Bresette at the Birmingham airport last year, has been cleared of responsibility. Kyle Whitmire with and the Birmingham News joins us for an update.

Kyle Whitmire: The Revolving Door Ban

Kyle Whitmire from and the Birmingham News joins us to discuss the details of Alabama’s revolving door ban. It prohibits legislators from lobbyists for two years after they leave office.

Ryan Kattner: On Oni Pond

The leader of the experimental indie group, Ryan Kattner, speaks to WBHM’s Sarah Delia about the group’s latest album On Oni Pond. Kattner also reveals insights to his creative process and his constant source of inspiration: heartbreak.

Javacia Harris Bowser: 365 Days of Fitness

Our guest blogger, Javacia Harris Bowser, speaks to WBHM’s Sarah Delia about her fitness goal for 2014.

Slow Progress In Road Clearing

ALDOT is working to clear vehicles from roadways once the thaw begins, today.

Neko Case: The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight

Singer song writer Neko Case opens up about her struggles with depression and the role it played in her latest album.